Understanding our importance…

With the passing of Senate Bill 311 and the updated Oregon Administrative Rules going into effect, all physicians who wish to do Independent Medical Exams in Oregon must complete IME physician training prior to conducting any exams! As of this date, claims examiners, legal professionals, etc. can only schedule with those physicians who have completed the training and have been certified. (This rule applies to workers’ compensation claims only.)

The Department is continuing to work on guidelines that allow for sanctions and decertification of physicians who violate the requirements of Oregon’s statutes. It is imperative that we maintain our involvement and provide our input into the legislative and rulemaking process.

Our Goal:

The IMEA’s goal is to be an advocate for
independent medical examinations (IME) regarding
proposed regulations at both the DCBS & legislative level.

We strive to preserve and improve a high quality INDEPENDENT medical examination process in the
State of Oregon.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Association is to promote the interests of the independent medical examination process.

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