IMEA Code of Conduct

IMEA Examination Standards

  1. Communicate honestly with the parties involved in the examination.
  2. Conduct the examination with dignity and respect for the parties involved.
  3. Identify yourself to the examinee as an independent examining physician.
  4. Verify the examinee’s identity.
  5. Discuss the following with the examinee before beginning the examination:
    1. Remind the examinee of the party who requested the examination.
    2. Explain to the examinee that a physician-patient relationship will not be sought or established.
    3. Tell the examinee the information provided during the examination will be documented in a report.
    4. Review the procedures that will be used during the examination.
    5. Advise the examinee a procedure may be terminated if the examinee feels the activity is beyond the examinee’s physical capacities or when pain occurs.
    6. Answer the examinee’s questions about the examinationprocess.
  6. During the exam:
    1. Ensure the worker has privacy to disrobe.
    2. Avoid personal opinions or disparaging comments about the parties involved in the exam.
    3. Examine the conditions being evaluated sufficiently to answer the requesting party’s questions.
    4. Let the worker know when the exam has concluded, and ask if the worker has questions or wants to provide more information.
  7. Provide the requesting party a timely report that contains findings of fact and conclusions based on medical probabilities for which you are qualified to express an opinion.
  8. Maintain the confidentiality of the parties involved in the exam subject to applicable laws.
  9. At no time provide a favorable opinion based solely or in part upon an accepted fee for service.

Our Goal:

The IMEA’s goal is to be an advocate for
independent medical examinations (IME) regarding
proposed regulations at both the DCBS & legislative level.

We strive to preserve and improve a high quality INDEPENDENT medical examination process in the
State of Oregon.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Association is to promote the interests of the independent medical examination process.

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