IMEA Membership

We need your assistance!  There is great risk to IME physicians if the IMEA fails to maintain its presence in the legislative and Department rulemaking process.  We need to maintain legal counsel and our lobbyist to remain effective.  Please support this effort through your annual associate membership of $350.00.</p

Our associate membership consists of attorneys, insurance professionals, physicians, and all those who have a stake in the IME process.  Joining and/or maintaining your annual membership in the IMEA gives you a voice and group support in the legislative and complaint process.

Simply put, if you want to continue to conduct IMEs, then you should join IMEA!  As many of you know, the State of Washington dictates IME pricing.  Do not let the State of Oregon control who can conduct IMEs and dictate how they are to be conducted.  We ask for your support to preserve the current IME process in our state.

**February is the date of renewal for those who are already members.**

(If you are not yet certified to perform IMEs in the State of Oregon, click here to go to our Training Registration page.)

Do you wish to make a political action committee (PAC) contribution?

This contribution may be tax deductible; consult your tax advisor.